Monday, May 11, 2009

2 Months….

Officially (if all goes as planned) I’m on a two month countdown to my trip.

I did go up north last weekend and stopped in at Swift Kayak, I brought all my gear and was hoping to get a test pack of the kayak in but alas… the weather didn’t co-operate and there was a massive storm on Saturday. I did finally get a chance to see the actual kayaks so it wasn’t totally unproductive. I have a new appreciation for kayaks now and must say, they have a great selection of boats and gear. Will reschedule the test pack for a day with some sun.

Took advantage of the bad weather to try out my tent for the first time. Figured rain, blowing wind and cold temperature would be as good a test as any i will come across on my trip. Seeing as I was up north for Mothers Day, I set my tent up in her backyard (she thinks I’m crazy BTW) Rain actually stopped before i set it up but was still cold and windy. After dinner and some conversation, headed out to my accommodations for the night. Had my IPOD hanging from the room and watched a movie while I relaxed all comfy in my tent. Slept like a baby and was warm and comfortable. Works for me.

I only had two issues, my mother has an outside cat and the thing kept walking under the vestibule rubbing up against the tent where my head was, note to self… bring slingshot for annoying pesky critters (lol)

Second, my brother who lives down the road popped over and decided it would be funny to rap on the top of the tent for kicks, I was just drifting off when that happened and it startled me pretty good. note to self… use slingshot on brother next time too…

I think he felt justified because his son is learning to play guitar and i taught him to play the intro to “smoke on the water” and gave him an amp, he plays it over and over and over and over, including 6am in the morning. Only fitting that I taught him a few more equally annoying riffs to “entertain” mom and dad go Noah go, keep it up bud.

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