Saturday, May 2, 2009

Packing it all up

Something I’ve been concerned about ever since I started planning this trip was how everything was going to fit. When you look at a flat list of gear it looks overwhelming (mine included, 100+ items so far) and not ever having packed a kayak before you’re left scratching your head.

Once it’s all packed up, it’s not actually that bad, here is how what I have so far breaks down.

  • Sleeping pad double bagged with contractor garbage bags, didn’t see the need to buy a dry bag for this
  • Tent is also double bagged with contractor garbage bags for the same reason.
  • 10L dry bag to store cooking equipment
  • 10L dry bag to store most of the personal equipment
  • 10L dry bag to store pillow/towel, also double bagged inside
  • 20L dry bag to store sleeping bag, was just a little too wide to fit in a 10L but it doesn’t take up 20L, if i compressed a little more it would probably fit, didn’t want to mess with it
  • 5L dry bag to store First Aid Kit
  • Ditch Bag (did a post on that one) stores most of the stuff I need while paddling and will be in the cockpit behind the seat
  • Waterproof Bag which stores all the electronic equipment, items inside are also in separate waterproof protection just in case, hopefully will fit behind the seat as well.

Next weekend I will figure out where everything goes in the kayak (generally) and post an update.

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