Saturday, March 14, 2009

Electronic Equipment

I’m a geek at heart, not that ready to be one with nature. This is a list of electronic equipment I will be bringing along on my trip. Dry bags or special waterproof cases will be used to protect from the elements where needed.

IPOD – I am spending a lot of time alone, having a little music is almost a must, otherwise, I am going to start talking to myself. H20Audio has a great line of waterproof earphones and protective cases, link on sidebar.

Blackberry – yes I said it, will turn off email and bringing this for three reasons, first I need some method of communication when I get to my final destination, second, I plan on updating this blog throughout the trip and don’t feel like searching out internet access. Last, safety, if I am crossing a big lake like Simcoe I want to call in to a friend with an expected time to call back, if they don’t hear from me then something has gone wrong.

Camera – Plan on taking lots of pictures and don’t want to deal with developing so bringing my digital.

Waterproof Video Camera – I have one, might as well put it to use, link on sidebar.

Solar Charger - Last check electrical outlets are a commodity out on the water, link on sidebar.

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