Saturday, March 14, 2009

Safety Equipment

Still trying to figure out how you are suppose to pack all this stuff, plus camping equipment, food, clothing and water in that little boat. Here is my list of safety equipment, some of this mandated by Canadian Law, like that would make a difference to me, remember that rule, if you don’t bring it, you will need it.

PFD (Personal Floatation Device) - We used to call these things lifejackets, I will be wearing this. Not only for the safety factor but plan on getting one with lots of pockets so I have somewhere to store half this stuff.

Spare Paddle - Don’t want to be caught out in the middle of a lake with a broken paddle, this one will be a two part paddle which will store under the deck rigging. Recommended placement seems to be on the back deck.

Paddle Float - Little inflatable lifejacket for you paddle, that or used to stabilize the boat to make it easier to get back in if you fall out.

Bilge Pump – If you flit these things over they fill up with water, need a way to quickly get the water out when required.

Sponge – Took me a second to figure out why you need a sponge, what? I have to clean this thing a lot? Turns out they absorb water pretty good and useful for getting water out of the kayak that the bilge pump couldn’t. Somebody was thinking.

Paddle Leash – Connects you to the paddle so you don’t lose it, number one rule, stay with paddle and boat. Pretty sure I’m going to drop this thing a couple of times.

Throw Bag – Rope, never leave home without it.

Duct Tape – You can use this stuff for anything.

Charts/Compass/GPS – Need to know where I’m going.

First Aid Kit – Self Explanatory.

Handheld VHF – Emergencies and provides weather updates, stored in PFD

Skeg Cable – Everybody says these things break frequently, so bring a spare.

Kayak Repair Kit – Remember those rocks I mentioned” they don’t mix with fiberglass.

Flares – Handheld, stored in PFD.

Strobe - Can you see me yet? Attached to PFD

Whistle fox 40 – Noisemakers, cool, whistle needs to be pea less, they don’t work wet. Attached to PFD.

Headlamp – In case I get stuck out at night, also provides hands free lighting at camp.

Waterproof Flashlight – Get’s dark at night.

Ditch Bag – This is a dry bag that is accessible quickly just in case I have to abandon ship. Contains essential survival stuff like waterproof matches, dry clothes, energy bars, sheet for warming, mini first aid kit, etc.. May be some other stuff, haven’t put together a complete list on this yet and will update once I do.

Multi-tool Knife - Never know when you need one

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