Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Figured it was about time to see how much this “little” trip is going to cost me. Seeing as I have zero equipment at this point, most of it I would term “get into the sport tax” and there is significant re-usability with most of what’s on the list, except for lock pass and perishable items like food.

First, compiled a detailed list of everything I could think of so far, my wish list if you will (post full detail later) didn’t put much thought into whether I actually needed it or could borrow from someone else, just wanted to know if I had to go out and buy all this stuff, what was I looking at? Using online camping stores I added the estimated cost of each item and typically went on the higher end of quality, you get what you pay for.

Total cost all in was ~$5k CAD. A little more than I expected but again, this was worst case scenario, lots of wiggle room. Went through and scaled down list to absolutely required items and some of the nice to haves, this brought cost down to around ~$3k. Figure total cost will end up somewhere around $3k which is still reasonable considering $1k is for kayak rental itself.

If I end up not enjoying this trip/sport, going to have a nice little garage sale come August.

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