Sunday, March 22, 2009


Only one way to make this “trip plan” seem more like a reality, open up the wallet and lay down hard earned cash for things you wouldn’t buy otherwise.

I live close to Bass Pro in Vaughn Mills. I stopped in and got this party started, browsed around for about an hour first checking everything out. They have a good stock of various equipment and didn’t find the price much different than Coast Mountain Sports so that was comforting. Now just had to decide what to buy, took the approach to buy supplies in groups of similar items, i.e. safety, cooking, accommodations, etc… Today I went with cooking, something simple, unless of course you consider the 3,000 or so different items.

My goal was to purchase everything required to cook and eat with except for the stove itself as I’m still deciding which one I want. I was drawn to a cookware package called Bugaboo Camper, nice convenient package that contained everything and folded up nicely, pots, strainer, frying pan, cups, bowls, plates and nice little carry bag. For once impulse didn’t take over, the thing was a set for 4 and I’m just one so the extra has no use for me. Also a little bulkier than I would have liked seeing as I am going to be strapped for room, seemed like the right decision. I know they sell a backpacker version of this set but none in stock and I am not about to wait.

I went with a set from MSR called the Blacklite, comes with 2 pots, frying pan, lid and two pot holders, they also have these little absorbent cloths that sit between the pots for storage and second as dishcloths. About half the size and weight of the Bugaboo and didn’t contain as much, seemed good enough for me. I also needed a few other items to make a complete set and went with whatever I could fit into the Backlite pack so everything can be carried in one package, see, I’m thinking like a camper now.
· Plate
· Bowl
· Cup
· Utensils (Folding Knife/Fork/Spoon + case)
· Can Opener
· Mini Spatula

Here is a picture of everything packed up, the knife on the table is just a reference so you can gauge size, it stands about 5-6” high and has everything included in it.

Here is a picture of everything un-packed.

Cookware/Eatware/Utensils, Done.

Might add a small wooden spoon ;)

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  1. added a wooden spoon, actually after I picked up my multi-tool knife I wanted to try out the saw so i took a wooden spoon i had and cut off the handle so it fit into the pot. Worked great and now I have a wooden spoon, ok half a wooden spoon, but the good half. Also removed the can opener because my multi-tool also has one so don't need two