Sunday, March 22, 2009

Window Shopping

I’ve spent so much time planning, reviewing articles and watching videos, thought it was about time to get my butt off the couch and make a trip to an outfitting store and check some of this stuff out for real.

I was going to a watch a buddies band play on St. Patricks day and had to drive by Coast Mountain Sports at Markville Mall in Unionville. As I was a little early, figured I would stop in and see what they had, was impressed with this store and selection, not everything was on display but seemed as though you could order whatever they didn’t have in stock.

I’m more of a “Hands On” type person and total impulse shopper, was difficult not to start buying stuff but figured it was the first outfitting store I’d been in so wait and compare another day, was cool to walk around and go, need it, need it, need it. Yup, I’m hooked so far.

Was a productive trip from one aspect, they had a number of polycarbonate (fancy name for plastic) recreational kayaks and I spent some time looking them over, realized a number of things that were just guesses up to this point and now have validation of sorts. They only had up to 14 foot kayaks and they looked like a canoe with a top on them with very little storage room, definitely going with 16-17 foot and plastic is out, just looks too fat, heavy and meant for what they are, paddle around for a day here and there. I’m sure there are high quality versions out there and no offence to anyone who has one, just not for me.

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