Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All systems go

Guess I was a little excited this morning, woke up at 5am.  Spent the day wrapping things up, packed up all my gear and double checked everything then went to lunch with a friend then headed up north. 

Stopped in Barrie to get a haircut and new battery for sports watch then stopped in at sojourn outfitters. Wish I knew this place was there when I started, they have everything! Picked up a paddle leash and paddling jacket.

Went to swift kayak for a final test pack, I know they said the kayak I was taking was bigger compared to the last one but with clothes, food and my big sleeping pad I thought no way.  It all fit perfectly and didn't have to jam anything, incredible.

Just got to my brothers to eat, swim then sleep. I see my boat with sleep cabin on the trailer and think to myself, I can just put it in and go in style but then think, came this far, no turning back.

I launch at 8am tomorrow


  1. You are are at start of a very exciting journey both on land and with yourself...please keep in contact..be safe, take no chances...


  2. Good luck Jeff!! Safety first! Alisha