Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Trip - Day 2

Woke up around 7 this morning,  had a little snack, broke down camp and was off by 8, was beautiful calm day, no waves or breeze, what a difference.  Paddled for just over an hour and made great time, just shy of 7k. 

Stopped for breakfast at a lakeside restaurant and took a break for half hour to enjoy the morning.  Headed back to to swift kayak which is about 10k away.  Uneventful day, adjusted foot pegs properly makes all the difference in the world. 

Only incident (scared the crap out of me) was paddling through a weedbed when this huge fish splashed directly under the boat and this big ass tail flipped up and hit my hand.

Got back around 11:30 and packed up truck for ride home.

My arms are fine but my legs are killing me, who knew.  Here I thought my 2 60k rollerblade trips would have helped. Arggghhh.  Fingers a little sore on my dominant hand too, other than that feel good. 

Successful trip all around and much more confident about going now. 

Only forgot three things.  Sponge, now I know why you need one, hard to get that water out of the bottom.  Paddle gloves to protect hands and my padded motocross shorts

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