Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 1

Overall I would say my first day was a success. Made it to my checkpoint as planned.

Was dropped off at 7:30 and the kayak shop opened at 8. Had to take whatever ride I could get. Organized everything and still wonder how it all fit. Added 3 beer along the way from this little store in severn falls that sells them individually, figured I would be thirsty at camp. Launched just before 9am.

The morning was perfect, georgian bay was like glass, no wind and perfect temp, crossed pretty quick and went through port severn lock. Stopped and got my lift pass (one way) then stopped at the local marina for some grub then off to big chute. Didn't make as good time as I thought I would and didn't figure out till much later that my paddle was upside down, huge difference.

The paddle from big chute to swift rapids was tough, wind in my face and strong current, started raining with about 4k to go. Overall was slow going and the bungee chord on the kayak skirt snapped, will try and fix that tonight.

I did prob between 25-30 k and not gonna lie, it's a long way, I underestimated and I'm tired, surprisingly not sore but sure that will kick in later. I found if I get out of the kayak for a bit every hour I'm good, otherwise my knees hurt.

Was kidding myself thinking I would do a few hours in morn and aft and be good. I pretty much paddled from 9 to 5 with only a few quick breaks here and there. Enjoying it though.

Made myself pasta, drank my beer and was damn good. Off to the campfire. Later all.


  1. I see a hair-line fracture in the perfect 15 day sojourn... Will he make it... all by himself ... Even his arms are too tired to keep himself company on the lonely nights

  2. Hey... we need some pics... let's see the hotel / I mean camp ground you are staying at