Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ready to Go!

All packed and ready to go.  2 1/2 days and I am off, leave sometime Wednesday morning July 15th.

Packed light on the clothing side, paddling gear aside, brought a pair of pants, some gitch, few pair of shorts, few comfy t-shirts, cotton sleeping pjs and wool socks.  The only thing I’m debating is whether I want to pick up a waterproof paddling jacket just in case I run into rain (more than likely)

Picked up an emergency stove, not really in case of emergency but more for simplicity,  runs on hexamine tablets which burn for 9 minutes, enough to boil water for coffee without having to mess with the Whisperlite just to have a coffee or boil water for breakfast.   Have 48 tablets.

Food wise, packed enough for 5-8 days and will re-stock along the way, also have lots of snacks, energy bars, trail mix, crackers etc..  I also picked up some kool-aid single packs so I don’t have to stick with the taste of water all day long.

Just going to go over my maps again and make sure everything is in order.

Guy I work with who is into fishing was showing me a great iPod app called Canada lakes which has significant amount of detail and only $5 from the app store, might load that up before I go.   There is another 49.99 map version which appears to be much more detailed and greater coverage but overkill for what I need.

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