Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 5 - civilization part 2

Fell asleep early last night and didn't get a chance to update. Sitting on a rock overlooking the bay and morning mist floating on the water, no wind and looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day.

Yesterday was a really short paddle day, 4 hours or so from fenelon falls to bobcaygeon as scheduled, for some reason it really tired me out, just couldn't get comfortable.

The bonus part is Andrew got to the lock just before I did and was spending the night as well. He made good on his cold beer promise, you da man! For all those who think I'm sitting on my couch drinking coffee and just posting random crap, now have proof I made it at least to here.

Thank you very much to Andrew and family for their hospitality and for graciously picking up the tab for dinner. His kids are adorable.

Woke up around seven and went straight to tims for breakfast. Then did a resupply run to sobeys and did a load of laundry to clean the smelly damp stuff, ewww. Packed up and was off, lazy morning and knew it was a short paddle day, crossed to the point in sturgeon lake and strong side wind again, waves weren't that bad but was choppy. Once I crossed around the point, wind was behind me again for the 12km sprint down the lake.

Further down the lake I got bigger the waves became, used to them now though and was a fun ride, I picked up the pace quite a bit which is probably why I'm more tired and sore today than the other days. There was a point where I was outrunning the waves and breaking through them and was pretty much constant between 7-8kph, broke a new personal speed record and got it up to 11.2kph. Wind is my friend. I have a gps unit my brother had lying around, doesn't have maps but does show speed, distance and tracks waypoints.

Pulled into bobcaygeon around 4 and had great time hanging with Andrew, except for the part where he showed me camera footage (in hd glory) of the bear and her cub at lovesick lock, yeah fun. He said the raccoons are a worse problem, yeah. The only work we discussed was how it is nice to get away an unwind. Sorry Alisha, we didn't discuss SRED strategies.

Long paddle ahead today and going to buckhorn, have a friend at a resort her brother own and going to stop in for visit.

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