Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 13/1 - lucky number 13

Who said 13 is an unlucky number. Had breakfast and packed up both kayaks. By the time we set off the sun was shinning and clear skies for the majority of the day. Perfect.

Only problem was the silicone seal between the cockpit and rear hatch on the "minnow" was well... Not there, any water that got into cockpit was going into rear hatch. Had to shuffle all the stuff around so all my waterproofed gear was back there, Kyle didn't have much time to pack so his stuff would have been drenched, not good. Downside is I've perfected my packing system for myself and know where everything is, or was, now have no clue anymore, we just stuff things wherever they go, paying no attention to which kayak or hatch. Off we go just before 9.

Kyle struggles a bit at first but picks up quickly, not long into the trip I am playing catch up all the time, ok I stop to text message along the way but when I look up he's 200 yards ahead. Funny moment, at one point I'm up ahead and waiting, don't hear his paddle hitting the water and yell back, "I don't hear any paddling going on back there", his reply, "I don't hear any paddling going on up there either", pfft sarcasm? Wonder where he got that from.

I had originally planned to paddle to percy reach which is just over 7k then see how he is doing, we have to cross a lake (last one) and the next lock is 18+k away and he was tired or conditions bad, we would call it a day there. Made great time and go to percy reach at 11:30, seeing as we had done 3 locks which burned about an hour, we made great time.

Stop for lunch and at about 12:30 we head off down the 18k stretch to glen ross, skies are for the most part clear with a storm cloud off the the right. Wind was nice and behind us all the way, meant we didn't have to paddle hard to make good time. I keep an eye on the storm cloud to be safe.

Waves pick up a bit to about a foot and kyle is having fun riding them, I stopped worrying about him about an hour ago. Normally very talkative, kyle just paddles away and we chat now and again as needed. The lockmaster told us there was a bald eagle flying around somewhere and we spot him soaring above just as we finish the lake, how often do you get to see that. The fish are also jumping and there are lots of birds, cool that kyle gets to see some wildlife.

We have been resting along the way but with just over an hour left we get out and stretch and have a snack. Kyle no longer needs help getting in or out of the "minnow", he's an expert now. We set off and I can feel temp drop quick, he paddles over and I put up umbrella just as rain hits, we don't get wet.

While he never complained once, at this point he starts asking if the lock is just around the next bend, I say yes, opps maybe the next one, 3-4 times of that and he stops asking, I know he's getting tired but is a trooper. We finally see the lock, rain starts again, up with umbrella again, passes in about 15, sun up. We get to the lock at 4:30 and un-pack, won't miss the nowhere to pull kayak out syndrome. Lockmaster helps lift out with me. Thanks bud.

We setup camp then go for ice cream, relax for a bit then cook dinner, I start the stove but he has to cook his own food, gives him something to do. Why didn't I bring ravioli, looked good. We finish up dinner and as I type this he is fishing off the pier. Told him I would clean and cook what he caught, please be trout, please be trout!

Hats off to kyle, he did over 25k today and that is amazing, longest day he has, we do about 16 tomorrow. Only 22k to end of trenton then the last stretch across bay of quinte, down murray canal and into lake ontario on day 15 to make this official, at which point I'm going to go home have a shower, shave , sleep in a bed for a change, turn on tv and watch 2 1/2 men then put on my motocross gear and hit the track to burn some fuel and make some noise.

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