Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 12 - Cambelford

I've paddled in extreme heat, pouring rain, lightning, 40km winds on my back, at night, 60km days, big waves, strong current, mini rapids, you name it. I would take any of the above 10 times over not to have a repeat of yesterday (ever).

30-40km wind straight into my face all the way from healey falls to cambelford, it was exhausting and by far the toughest stretch so far. It was a short distance day, only around 10k but it took close to 5 hours to do it, painfully slow and felt every paddle stroke. Should have been and hour and half to 2 hours with good conditions.

I would go twice as fast if I didn't paddle but it was in the opposite direction, tough tough tough. Early on in the day I passed a fisherman and asked if the canal to cambelford was into the wind the whole way, he said I'm going to say no cause that's what you want to hear. Had a good laugh with that one.

Left healey falls just before 10 after having morning coffee with the lockmaster, these guys are great, got through cambelford between 2:30 and 3:00 and was thankful. The canal through cambelford is really cool, runs right through town. Hanney falls is another step lock and the view is spectacular, good place to stop, was going to go another 10k but had enough.

I literally got my camp setup and the thunderstorm rolled in, only lasted 10 minutes and the was extremely hot and sunny again for the rest of the day.

I now have a travel companion, my brother and sis-in-law showed up around 4:30 with kayak in tow to drop of my nephew for the rest of the trip. We unpacked everything, lockmaster was good enough to open the private road so we could drive down instead of carrying stuff down the 71 stairs, yup kyle and I counted em last night.

We then left into town to do a little shopping and get tims while kyle straightened up, you could tell he just wanted to get in and try his kayak, as good adults, we make him wait.

Get back and put the kayak in, exact replica of mine but in yellow, good boat. We name it "minnow", coffin II just didn't seem right. He start out for. First paddle in this kayak and does great job. I put mine in and paddle for a minute with him too. My brother then goes out in mine for a ride, sorry bro they don't make those cockpits any bigger. I should have known better though, going to have to be cleaning back hair out all morning now. Inside joke and couldn't resist.

Mel my sis-in-law also takes a few laps, I think she just wanted to see how stable because she is sending off her 14 year old in it.

We do a test pack and. Parents leave around 8, just us kids left. We make yummy dinner and then head into tent, we talk for awhile then kyle goes right to sleep. He snores! I ping my brother and tell him thanks for mentioning that up front.

Rained a little last night and a little overcast this morning, hold off rain. Having breakfast then we are packing and setup for day 13 for me and day one for kyle


  1. it would appear that the weather gods are going to smile upon you today, so here's hoping Day 13 is more favorable for you. Glen Ross is calling!

  2. Did you know that the distance from Hastings to Campbellford by car is about 20 minutes??

    Da what were you thinking should have hitched a ride