Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 7 - And on the seventh day...

He rested.

Today was the most relaxing day ever. . Went for a boat ride, more to take the kids tubing. Was a blast, sun shining the whole day.

Went for a tour of buckhorn (ok the liquor store) but on the way stopped at the candyshop, little store that has all the candy from when I was a kid. Got a pop shoppe cream soda, remember drinking those at my buddy Arthur's cottage, they always had a full stock .

Stopped at the lock because they have a picture of the most boats they have ever put in any one lock. Insane number. There is a statue of a buck at the lock and unfortunately last week they had a deer that feel into the lock overnight and perished. They had to fish it out in the morning.

Stopped for ice cream, double scoop chocolate, yum and then stopped at this little shop where the gentleman builds handmade wooden canoes, we talked for awhile and he showed me the different styles and how they were made, he also had a 1910 wooden canoe which looked pristine and explained the differences between then and now as far as construction goes. Was pretty cool.

I didn't get a chance to try the Chinese restaurant which I hear is the best around, had dinner with the Elkie clan, eggplant lasagna, pasta and salad. Delicious and better than Chinese ever would have been. .

Didn't go for a waterski, would have but nobody could find a ski, opted to spend the afternoon on the beach drinking rye, probably going to regret it tomorrow, but oh well, deal with that tomorrow.

Made a new friend, Kyle, little boy around 5 or 6 and hilarious, was cracking up all day since he showed up on his bike, wetsuit, life jacket, helmet, snorkels, fins and fishing tackle, ready for the beach. Busted out some goodies from the kayak and filled him full of sugar, it's vacation parents, little sugar high in a six year old never hurt anyone.

After dinner went bear watching, it's the thing to do on a Tuesday night in buckhorn, was about a 5 minute drive from water and one of those cottage country garbage drop off sites, I've seen a couple of bears before but never so many in one place, there were over a dozen of them wandering around and a really big 600-700lb papa bear. Was told to make sure we keep a lookout behind us just in case. Turns out there was one just down the embankment from where we were standing, couldn't see him and wasn't going searching, too tired to run away or even outrun the kids, yes, with bears you don't have to be the fastest runner, just not the slowest, no way I'm beating. Ms triathlete either.

Many many thanks to the entire Elkie family for a great day off and the hospitality.

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