Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 8 - suprised I can still type

Made it to lakefield, barely! 35+km and over 10 hours to do it. Completely exhausted tonight but otherwise was a perfect day.

Today was one of the best days mixed with one of the worst, positive outweighed the negative so I have no complaints. Was bound to happen sooner or later. Going to start off with all the good stuff.

Woke up around 6 and went for a nature walk, was a raccoon sitting on a branch staring me down, I've seen bears you little pest, bring it on. He blinks first, that or just got bored with some guy staring at him and lost interest.

Was another beautiful day weather wise, sun shinning all day, the trip from buckhorn to youngs point was my favorite and most beautiful so far. All the little islands everywhere, stunning landscape and the cottages were a sight to see. Very much reminded me of where I grew up and for the fist time a little home sick. For a minute.

Was packed and headed off at 8, got to the lock a little early and talked with some nice people on a houseboat who offered me breakfast, little hung over still and couldn't fathom food at this point. Sat and gabbed with the lockmaster while he was getting ready to open. Through the first lock at 8:30 with my new friends in the houseboat. Didn't have the nerve to ask them to put my kayak on the back and almost wish I had by the end of the day, I exaggerate for effect.

Stopped on this little island for early lunch around 10:30, for some reason I kept looking over my shoulder for bears, yeah yeah, wimp. The most gorgeous houseboat (not one of those rental jobs that are everywhere up here) but a massive 40 footer and not pontoon style either, drove by and couldn't get camera quick enough to snap a picture, it was sweet, never seen one like that before.

Passed through lovesick and got to burleigh falls at around 12:30 and along the way found the little flat rock barely above water and decide to relax for a bit. Would have been cool had there been someone to take a picture, would have looked like I was sitting in the middle of the lake.

I see my first kayakers but they are going the opposite way into stoney lake, too bad would have been good to chat em up.

Round the bend into clear lake and there is a church sitting there, huh? Almost go in, shake my head, what was I thinking, with 7 days left to do the trent I can't spend half of them doing confession.

Stop on this cool little island for a break before heading down clear lake. Really high up and overlooking the bay. Like climbing a mountain.

On clear lake there is a small sailboat going by and we chat for a minute each time they pass, was funny. Where you going, ten minutes later, trenton, ten minutes later, where you coming from... You get the picture. As I get closer to the end of clear lake a seadoo drops by and asks if I'm coming from georgian bay, I say yeah, he tells me there is a guy looking for me at the locks, huh? I get to youngs point at 5pm and the most incredible yatch comes out of the lock, bikini on front didn't hurt.

Another guy says someone is looking for me? I go through lock and some people tell me there was a guy in a kayak asking if I had been through. Funny, was the guy from 2 days ago that gave me the beer in sturgeon lake, he was serious. I missed him by an hour. I have to decide if I stay there or goto lakefield, pretty tired at this point, go for it, only 10k more. I want out of big open lakes now and this is the last one for two days, plus it also means I only have to do 15k tomorrow into peterborough and they are calling for rain.

As I paddle along a big osprey dives into the water and catches a fish, not 20 feet from kayak, was a highlight. I get to lakefield at 6:30, camp setup by 7:30 and into town for dinner at a pub, pork chops. Yum. Didn't feel like cooking.

Now the bad parts.

Wind was in my face all day and felt like I was pushing 300lbs of gear with a rope all day long, it was slow and exhausting work, glad it's over.

Get to the lock and it's the first with no way out, end up having to lift everything 4 feet to the concrete above, was interesting to say the least, should be fun packing tomorrow.

Last, there are red ants everywhere and before I realized it, they were in everything. Going to be crawling all over me till morning the bastards.

Sleep time.


  1. And now for something completely unrelated to kayaking: the post about the bugs reminded me of an old Flintstones episode. "Excuse me Mr. Flintstone, can I borrow a cup of red ants?". Sorry I digress...

    I'm sure you will be reading this after a long wet day of paddling. Hope you manage to dry out and warm up... you probably knew every day wouldn't be sunny and clear, sucks when it finally comes to pass though.

  2. Quite the day..sitting her and again the 'mom' thing pops up..omg hows my baby going to pack all his gear from 4' above .. well you know me, worry/worry so I've check your blog 30 times so far and not but 10:45a.m.

    Thinking did it tip? is he wet? lol

    You are creative, must take after your mom, so I'm sure the packing went off without a hitch..not so sure your aren't getting the heavy rains we are today..might be good time to camp, get a book and relax...