Sunday, April 26, 2009

Drive By

Been a little crazy at work the last couple of weeks so haven't had a chance to update my blog. I've still been organizing my gear and should be completely done that portion next week sometime, only a couple of items left.

Swift Canoe, which is where I am renting the Kayak from is now open and I will be doing a day trip up to check the "Coffin" out in person. Will be sending them an email later tonight to start co-ordinating and get some additional information.

Still too cold for me to go for a ride without a drysuit but I hope they will let me at least do a test pack of my gear so I can get a better feel for how everything fits, how much room is left if any etc..

Went up to the cottage this weekend and was driving past Swift Canoe on Saturday when the weather was around 30, NICE! There were a couple of Kayakers out on the water, I so wanted to stop and chat but was still feeling the effects of the previous evenings combination of rye, beer, wine & tequilla so wasn't feeling overly social, ouch!

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