Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gear Update

Thought it was time to give an update on where I stand on gear. I’ve been stockpiling, organizing and packing for a few weeks now and I would say that I’m almost to the point where I could go on my trip, could definetely go camping with what I have now. Three months until my trip so I'm on track.

I have a detailed spreadsheet for tracking all the items and costs for this trip. Once I have the list completed I will post list of everything together. I’m currently running ~$300 below my original estimated cost for the items I’ve purchased so far so that’s good.

My remaining items list is getting smaller, few I haven’t picked up yet or undecided if I’m going to at all.
  • Kayak – Still renting and will pop into Swift Canoe next time I'm up north so I can figure out what is included in the rental. Think I will have to pick up a couple minor items like extra skeg cable and kayak repair kit, that should be about it
  • Lock Pass – Will purchase at the lock in Port Severn when i'm closer to the date
  • Charts – Undecided, might not need
  • GPS w BlueChart maps – Undecided, might not need
  • Compass – Deck mounted, haven’t found one yet
  • Sleeping Bag – Have one but don’t think mine will fit in kayak, think I will have to buy a new one and will go with a compact synthetic
  • Sleeping Pad – Have a perfect self inflating one and it's very comfortable, not sure if it will fit, think so, it's about the same length as the tent but a little higher and thicker. Will find out when I do the first trail pack in a real Kayak
  • Water Transport – Have water filter but need to carry some, how much or soft vs hard shell container, not 100% sure, thinking 2x2.5 gallon soft water containers. More flexible for getting into kayak
  • Compact Folding Chair – Luxury item but want something to sit on
  • Spare Batteries – Flashlights and VHF, bunch of AAA
  • Solar Charger – Not sure yet, lots of places to charge along the away and have read many mixed reviews on these for extended trips, they require direct sunlight for a day before they hold the charge, I can't really leave it out on the kayak while paddling so may be useless.
  • Waterproof Headphones/IPOD case – Undecided, bringing IPOD for campsite use just not sure about while paddling yet, had a discussion with someone about other boats not seeing kayaks well and don't want to have my hearing impared.
  • Dry Bags – Have 2x10 liter and a 5. Need at least 3x20 liter for tent, sleeping bag and clothes, will pick them up as needed
  • Food - Planning Breakfast, Lunch and dinner meals, will start to put some stuff together that isn’t perishable and fill in the rest before the trip
  • Clothes – Probably need a few things, hat, shoes, synthetic stuff etc, haven’t done a list yet but budgeted for it

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