Thursday, April 9, 2009

Personal Gear

I’m not leaving things to the last minute, my plan is to have everything ready to go long before my trip including fully packed. That way I just have to hop in and off I go with no worries about whether I have forgotten anything or missed something. I have put together my personal gear bag, separate clothes bag not done yet. These are things I need once I get unpacked at camp.

Everything is zip locked in separate bags for added protection and then packed in a 10 liter XPS dry bag.

Packed in Dry Bag:


· Micro Fiber quick dry towel, might end up keeping this separate
· Little overnight bag to put most of the stuff in
· Biodegradable Soap
· Biodegradable Toilet Paper
· Toothbrush (2 just in case)
· Toothpaste
· Toothpicks
· Dental Floss
· Deodorant
· Razor
· Duct Tape
· Mosquito Coils
· Mosquito Coil Safety Burner
· Q-Tips
· Pencil/Sharpener/Pen
· Logbook
· Sudoko puzzle book (addicted)
· Deck of cards
· Two paperback books

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