Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scout Flashback

Knew those scout badges would come in handy one day. I know how to tie a few basic knots but figured might want to brush up a little, never know when you need to tie a knot, tent tie downs, hanging stuff up off the ground, securing kayak, just handy to know.

Lots of great sites on the internet which go through all the various knots and their common use and benefits, I can tie around 20 or so now without thinking about it and learned at least two in each following knot categories, some I can tie with one hand if needed.

Main Categories
· Stopper Knots
· Hitch Knots
· Fixed Loop Knots
· Sliding Loop Knots
· Mid Line Loop Knots
· Bends (join 2 ropes)

Concentrated on marine knots for the most part but also learned some general purpose ones, climbing and safety/rescue knots, who knows if you ever need to make a quick waist harness. I practice while I watch my favorite TV show, 2 ½ Men, yeah I know, pretty geeky.


  1. Jeff just looked at your trip plan....noticed that you have atherly arms on you realize they have no liquor licence right?? Might want to re think that plan.

  2. Damn, trip is off, that was the whole point.