Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Thumbs Up

So far everything I’ve done with respect to this trip has been in complete isolation, last night was the first time I actually requested information from anybody.

I sent an email to Swift Canoe & Kayak with a page full of questions with regards to their services and costs, I half expected three outcomes.

1) Response months later, if at all
2) Little information other than check out our website

Thankfully, none of those occurred. Response was prompt, extremely detailed and all my questions were completely answered. When you are relying on an outfitter to provide you with information and equipment it’s nice to see one so helpful. I do think I’m a little crazy though and wouldn’t have flinched had they called me on that one.

Few good suggestions were also added, which was appreciated. Example:

“You should definitely pack your fishing rod and filleting knife! Fresh fish over an open fire - ahhh heaven!”

That one made me laugh, not because it’s “far fetched” or anything, more due to the fact that I’m still not sure if I can sit in a Kayak let alone fish from one.

Rate information as provided. Prices/conditions are subject to change so take this for what it is and confirm directly with them if you are looking into pricing for yourself

Poly: $26 per day
Fiberglass: $36 per day
Kevlar: $42 per day

They have a number of models available and while I had previously decided (based on no experience) to go with Fiberglass, the Poly models they provide have a 3rd day hatch which I kind of want, they feel it might be perfect based on my trip description. Other than that, all models are similar with respect to options, rudder or skeg (based on availability) and bow and stern hatches. Perfect.

Will reserve final decision until I go up in a couple of weeks and check them out, or until I get an opportunity to test drive the different models and see which I prefer. I haven’t forgotten the fact that I have yet to see one let alone sit in one.

The following items are included in the rental (whew)
· Kayak
· Paddle
· Spray Skirt
· Bilge Pump
· Throw Bag

Available for Rental
· Spare Paddle ($5 flat rental fee)
· Paddle Float ($5 flat rental fee)
· Tie Down Kit for Trip Home ($10 rental flat fee)

Not Included but they do sell
· Paddle Leash ($12.95)

Fully outfitted kayak for under $600 plus+ applicable taxes for the 15 days planned for my trip, if I go with my original plan of fiberglass. That’s less than I expected and significantly less than the cost of having to purchase everything, rental just makes sense.

Would have been a very inexpensive 2 week trip if I had all the other equipment required, I pretty much didn’t have anything. Even that hasn’t been too bad all things considered.

Haven’t compared prices with other companies nor do I plan to, these prices are more than reasonable in my opinion and I’m extremely happy with the responses they have provided, they get my business.

They are also more than willing to let me test pack a kayak if they have one available, I will call ahead to arrange before I head up. Cool, will take a lot of the mystery out of how all this stuff is going to fit in it.

Full range of lessons are available as well and I will be taking advantage of that prior to my trip.

Way to go Swift Canoe & Kayak


  1. Dude, you really need to get into a kayak soon and start some dryland training is a fantastic workout but it is a workout

  2. yeah, one would think huh, couple of weeks and will be renting my first one and doing a little practice. Need water to warm up a bit. Already started doing a workout, arms lifting beer... woohoooo almost ready