Monday, April 13, 2009


Made final decision on GPS, not buying a new one and going to use GPS provided on my Blackberry for tracking my trip.

Should work out pretty well, provides Lat/Lon coordinates and I tested it, accurate to within around 20 feet at least around the building here at the office which has good satellite coverage.

Here is where I am right now (work),+-79.378510

Cellular coverage should be good along the Trent and seeing as the GPS functionality uses Satellites, having no cellular coverage shouldn’t impact the GPS portion. I haven’t confirmed this yet but as long as my wireless connection is up the GPS should work independent of having Cellular signal. Can’t confirm until I’m in an area that doesn’t have cellular signal.

Extra bonus is that if there are no satellites in range it will triangulate to the cell towers as a fallback, not as accurate, better than nothing.

Blackberry (IPOD+Camera) will be stored in waterproof bags, lots of different versions out there but I liked the DRYPAK ones.

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