Thursday, April 2, 2009


Flashlight - Princeton Tech Amp 3.0 LED, 40 Lumens.
  • High: 30 meter range, 60 hour burn time
  • Low: 20 meter range, 90 hour burn time

Compact, rugged design, not sure if waterproof but does have a sealed 0-Ring so should at least be water resistant.

Head Lamp - Princeton Tech Fuel LED, 35 Lumens.

  • High: 38 meter range, 74 hour burn time
  • Medium: 26 meter range, 120 hour burn time
  • Low: 20 meter range: 167 hour burn time
  • Blink: 38 meter range, 134 hour burn time

Level 1 Waterproof which means resistant to water splashes and quick dunks. This will also serve as my tent lighting, quite bright and enough to do or see whatever I need to at night, means I don’t need any sort of lantern.

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