Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Water Equipment

I am going to be on the water for over 2 weeks in the middle of summer, not a lot of room in a Kayak for water transport, sure maybe 2-5 gallons but with drinking and cooking that isn’t nearly enough. There are places along the way to top up but last thing I want is to get sick from some nasty bad water. Water Filter is pretty much mandatory as far as I’m concerned.

Lot of different products available for water filtration and was a tough call on which one to go with, after reading a number of reviews and YouTube videos I went with the MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter system, have tried it a few times at the house and it works great, fits onto my water bottle and does about a liter a minute.

Also picked up a few other water related items, 1000ml Nalgene water bottle (black), Gription spill proof lid for bottle from Guyot Design and a collapsible water bucket from Camco for carrying water at campsites. Already have a camelback water hydration pack for my dirt bike so didn’t have to buy that one.

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