Thursday, April 2, 2009


Picked up the Standard Horizon HX270s, has all the features required

· Selectable 5/2.5/1 W transmit power output
· US/CAN/International channel support
· Programmable Scanning (Priority and Dual Watch)
· NOAA Weather Channels
· NOAA Weather Alert Support
· 5 minute transmit timeout
· Submersible to 3 feet for 30 minutes
· Rechargeable battery, AAA battery pack

After playing with it for a couple of days (listening to weather forecasts) really like it, relatively small so will fit nicely in the PFD and manufacturing is very rugged, don’t have to worry about dropping the thing. Only negative feedback I have seen so far is that it doesn’t have a loop for a Lanyard and a few people have dumped theirs in the drink as a result. I will probably MacGyver something so I can at least attach it to something so I won’t lose it.

In Canada they have relaxed regulations on VHF usage for recreational users, although you still require a VHF operator licensing to transmit on VHF. I most likely will not be getting the license as I’m using it more for weather forecast updates and don’t plan on transmitting unless an emergency. In that situation, I don’t care whether I have a license or not and I do know proper procedures for distress.

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