Sunday, August 2, 2009


I started this blog as a resource site for other people, from the perspective of someone who has never done a kayak trip before.  

There were some unintended consequences though which I didn't fully realize at the time.

Great way at the end of the day to think back on everything and smile from everything that occurred that day, I looked forward to posting details and it also passed the time and gave me something to do at least once a day for an hour or so.

Was amazing to have people following along and it felt as though they were all doing the trip with me, comments were always a great motivation.

I read back and the memories flood in, feels like I am back on the water.   Highly recommend keeping a log of your trip, even if just handwritten notes, I didn't keep notes, just thought about the day later to remember things but whatever works for you.

I hope that those following along enjoyed my updates and for those that find this site later,  that it provides some useful information for your own trip, which was the intended purpose.

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