Sunday, August 2, 2009

Final Thoughts

Gear and food 3,OOO dollars,  Kayak Rental 6OO dollars, Lock Pass,  80 dollars, 15 days on the water in the most picturesque landscape imaginable, PRICELESS!

Funny how at no point was I ever more than 2 hours from my house or 3 hours from where I started and yet, a different world.  

Having grown up on the trent waterway and georgian bay area, can only imagine what seeing this for the first time would be like for other people. Stunning in every way.   I missed so much zooming by in a speed boat all these years and now have a new appreciation for the beautiful area where I grew up.

I would recommend this trip to anyone regardless of skill level, it will not disappoint, add another 5 days to truly appreciate, with 30k a day you are paddling almost all day, stop and smell the roses so to speak.    I don't regret a single thing with the way I did it,  would add a few days if doing it again.

A few thank you comments are required and deserved.  The scenery and challenge only makes up half the memories, the people along the way are just as important.

To all the family, friends and co-workers for all their support, was great having you along and was a great feeling, you were there for every moment.  

To all the amazing people I met along the way,  may the wind be at your back and clear skies on all your future journeys.

To the dedicated people who work at the locks, job well done and you helped make this trip a success.  

To the Hillier family,  for the cold beer, great conversation, dinner and just being a familiar face on my long trip.

To the Elkie family, for the much needed day off when it was needed most, was amazing and the hospitality was incredible.  Will never forget.

To all the inconsiderate boaters who swamped and sprayed and just generally had no respect for the little guy, you have given me a new appreciation for respecting kayaks and canoes.

There are a few questions I get  asked the most...

What do you think about being alone that long? Nothing actually, it's kind of weird, 90% of the time my mind is blank and just take it all in, very refreshing actually, don't worry about going solo and being bored, you won't be. 

Would I do it differently?  Not one thing, I spent months planning this trip, didn't forget anything, need anything, want anything or felt as though I was "roughing" it.   Planning pays off, I've included a lot of info on this blog related to the planning side. Hope it helps. 

Would I do it again?  Absolutely, was fantastic, next time I'm bringing a date though, would be nice to have someone else to enjoy it with, no offense Kyle, you were great company and an amazing Nephew, blast to have along even if just for the last few days. 

What's the next trip?  Ah, the big question, you will have to wait and see, I will be doing one yes and will be just a little bit more extreme and remote, had time to think about it once I determined I was enjoying so much, time to step it up a notch and you will be like wtf? Are you nuts? Already planning. 

My final thank you goes to four people I have never met.  The "spanish donkey" team from Elliot Lake Retirement home.  You inspired me to do this trip in the first place and I only hope that one day you read this blog and/or we meet, the first of many adventures to come and I owe you a debt of gratitude for that.    If you don't know who the "spanish donkey" team is or why this trip was dedicated to them, go back and read my introduction.  

Hope you have found this blog useful and at times mildly amusing. 

Until  next time......

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