Sunday, August 2, 2009

Post Review - Sleeping

I slept like a baby, sure the outdoors and the workout had a lot to do with it but make sure you have the best and most comfortable sleeping gear you can manage. 

My biggest piece of gear was my sleeping pad, so glad I could fit it in, very comfortable and felt like I was sleeping on a bed. 

Don't underestimate the joy of a good pillow, there are lots of compression pillows and they are good, again sleep is your friend.

I have a synthetic mummy bag and a silk liner, I would probably preferred a standard bag because I like to stretch out, mummy bag was a little confining but managed just fine. 

Also make sure you pack your favorite sleeping gear, mine is cotton pjs with cotton tshirt and wool socks.  Was never cold, never wet, never uncomfortable.

At all costs, keep this gear dry no matter what you have to do.  Sleeping in anything wet is just not fun, thankfully I never had to.

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