Sunday, August 2, 2009

Post Review - Waterproof

Assume that everything at some point will get wet.  Make sure you have proper waterproofing for all gear, especially electronics, sleeping and clothing gear.  If you can afford it,  commercial dry bags are amazing and really provide good protection.   Double bag or ziplock everything that isn't. A little planning can save you a lot of hassle dealing with wet stuff

Bring a couple of white garbage bags to pack up wet or dirty laundry, don't mix with clean dry clothes, musty smell just sucks and doesn't go away unless you wash everything.

Waterproof paddlejacket is a must!  Rain and bad weather isn't an issue if you are dressed properly, dry and warm. Worth the cost.  

A good pair of water shoes, will be walking in water lots and a good pair of water shoes help. I went with water running shoes instead of sock type water shoes, they were perfect.

Do not forget a sponge, only way to get all the water out of kayak and hatches and good for cleaning your boat.

Get a mini umbrella and keep in kayak beside seat, great for those little storms that pass through or to get rain gear on without getting soaked, also good at camp when raining.

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