Sunday, August 2, 2009

Post Review - Packing

Still surprised everything fit into that tiny little kayak. 

The key, smaller is better, easier to stuff small articles rather than large ones as they can fit to fill all available space.  When picking out your gear air on the side of compact, as an example, big bulky sleeping bag is just taking up space, get one that is compact ans can be compressed.
Have a specific packing plan and stick to it, know where everything is, pain to have to constantly go, now where is my stove now when you stop for lunch everyday.  I packed my kayak the exact same way every day and could easily find what I was looking for, also made packing kayak each day easier,  didn't have to think about where everything went.  Made all the difference. 

Once my nephew Kyle joined, I had to reorganize the gear across two kayaks, was annoying to have to go through 4 hatches just to find something and the next day I made sure I had a new packing plan for both. .

I carried a big canvas army bag, I used it to move gear from kayak to camp and back, meant I could make fewer trips, recommend carrying something similar, makes things easier and you don't have to walk back and forth a 100 times at the start and end of every day. 

Didn't pack too many things on the deck, rear deck I stored marine bumpers and spare paddle. Front deck I stored bilge pump and water bottles.  I also had a drypack bag I stored on front deck which contained electronics and wallet.   I would store hat and gloves on either deck with no rhyme or reason, just out of the way and I was fine.

Kept a little tuperware container in kayak which contained snacks for the day.

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