Sunday, August 2, 2009


Other than the pictures and memories which will last a lifetime, I picked up two souvenirs which I think are pretty cool.

On my day off in buckhorn, I was given a handmade wrist bracelet from the Elkie girls, cool reminder of my time at oak bay.  Thanks for making it for me girls, it is way cool, still look at it and go, hmm how do they get it to look like that, still wearing.

My brother while waiting for Kyle and I to show up found these two little polished rocks on the shore in lake ontario,  he gave us each one as a reminder of our trip together,  not like my brother to be sentimental and was very thoughtful, I put my rock on my mantle for now, he said I'm suppose to keep it in my pocket as a reminder when I get back to busy schedule, I will just end up throwing it at someone and don't need the lawsuits.   Thanks bro. 

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