Sunday, August 2, 2009

Post Review - Water Supply

I had my water filter but found I only used it on long water crossings where I couldn't fill up at a lock or marina.  Was nice to have for that purpose and recommend one even if only for peace of mind. 

I carried a 1000ml nalgene and 500ml sports bottle strapped to desk and usually a couple of water bottles or juice and gatorade behind the seat.  Typically went through a liter every couple to three hours and almost exclusively drank water with the odd gatorade when available.

The locks all have drinkable water and you can fill up at any one of them, I also found that a few had bottled water which they would give you if asked.  They were always willing to go fill bottle for you if needed.

I also carried a 2.5 gallon collapsible water carrier and filled it up at camp for cooking and drinking, didn't carry it filled in kayak, took up too much space and weight.

Never had an issue finding water, would recommend carrying extra on the otanabee, wouldn't even trust my water filter on this river and only a couple of spots to get along the way.

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