Sunday, August 2, 2009

Post Review - Clothing

Bring lots of quick drying shirts, long and short as well as quick drying shorts for paddling.  Be careful with anything cotton, stays wet for hours, doesn't dry easily and drains body heat when wet. 

Pack nice warm clothes for camp, you will want to be comfortable and after a long wet paddle, nothing feels better.  If you can, try and bring at least some respectable clothes for going out dinning, don't want stares sitting in nice restaurant.   Baseball cap works wonders. 

I found rolling clothing made them pack smaller and also helped with the wrinkle factor, don't mix dirty clothes with clean!  Everything will get musty. 

There are places along the way with coin operated laundry mats, I used the one at fenelon falls to make sure everything was clean. 

Bring a pair of paddle shoes and another pair for camp, wet shoes at night suck, I had sandles that I had for camp and paddled with them as well when other shoes were soaked, feet will prune up bad in wet shoes.  Get something with hard soles for paddling, you are pushing a lot with feet and without protection it's going to hurt after a bit.  Don't paddle barefoot, uncomfortable.

Bring one of those wide brim canvas hats like the guys on tv in the wild.  Wear while out on water, keeps the sun off and rain won't drip down neck or face,  drys quickly too.

I could take or leave paddle gloves, does offer protection but if wet then hands stay wet and they soften up and blister easier.   I rarely wore mine after the halfway point, keep hands dry as much as possible.

PFD was very comfortable and provides back support while kayaking, I only wish I got one with more and bigger pockets, when I buy my own, will make sure it has them.

Paddle jacket, paddle jacket, paddle jacket, it will rain and if you want to be dry and comfy, get one.  Worth it.  Make sure it had rubber wrist and neck clasps to keep the water out.

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