Sunday, August 2, 2009

Post Review - Electronics

I had my ipod and 2 blackberry devices in a waterproof box. Worked great and never got wet, most times my cell phone was in my life jacket.    Having internet access and gps was great as was the ability to update this blog and keep in touch with people. Bring, just leave work at home, which I did.

Only used my ipod a few times paddling and not once at camp, could have done without. Definitely get waterproof headphones, got mine wet 4 times and glad they still work, for now. 

Vhf radio I only used to check weather forecast and typically did that in the morning and at night, didn't really check it during the day. Was nice to have.

Charging, the energizer mobile battery chargers are amazing, used them to charge devices for the entire 15 days and these things worked flawlessly.  Make sure you bring enough batteries but there are lots of places along the way to get more. I went through 20 or so.

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