Sunday, August 2, 2009

Post Review - Tent

Love my tent,  easy to put up in any condition, lots of ventilation, folds up quickly and packs easily.  Held up to wind, rain and thunderstorms, didn't get wet once after tent was set up.

Recommend a 2-3 person tent if by yourself, the extra room was perfect for putting all the stuff in and not feeling confined. 

Having some pockets and gear loft is also very handy. nice, stored umbrella and flashlight in side pockets, have two,  and other things in gear loft.
The guy lines seemed to get in the way on sides of tent, ended up laying paddles across stakes to remind me not to walk into them. Get reflective tape on lines if you can to make easier to see at night.

My only real complaint would be that my tent is not fun to put up in rain, will get rain inside because it has a detached fly, rains inside before you get the fly on, then you have to mop up all the water inside. Make sure you have a tent footprint to protect from rain runoff and wet ground.

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