Sunday, August 2, 2009

Post Review - Food/Cooking

I won't go into an itemized list of food I brought, bring what you want and there are places along the way where you can re-supply if needed.  Would stay away from perishables though.  Pick up a couple of the just add water food bags you can get at any camp store, they are a little pricey but a nice change here and there, really easy and very tasty.

I had two food bags, a soft insulated cooler bag which I put all canned good like soup, stews and fruit as well as all the snacks.  I stored this in the cockpit in front of the footpegs, still had plenty of room to stretch feet.   The other bag which was just one of those recycled bags from the grocery store which had everything else, pasta, sauces, breakfast, pancakes etc.  Took everything out of the packaging and stored in ziplock bags.  Worked perfectly. 

Never felt like I did without food, ate lots and have stuff left over, didn't have to resort to rating toothpaste or anything.  There are many restaurants along the way and I took a break now and again from cooking to eat there instead, usually just for dinner. 

My stove worked like a charm, once I got used to lighting it, was very quick.  Stove didn't simmer well though so had to keep an eye on it, wasn't an issue.   I also had an emergency stove from canadian tire that ran on hexamine tablets, found this great, could cook pasta on my stove and sauce on the other, I used this quite a bit and was sometimes easier for just boiling water or heating up soup.   Didn't cook as fast so I could start water boiling while setting up camp and come back later to get it.   Pick one up, very cheap and you will use it.   I brought 48 tablets and had plenty left over.  They can be a pain to get started in the wind but I managed. 

I brought two 32oz fuel bottles and only went through about 16oz in total, probably because I was using the hexamine tablets a bit.   Lots of fuel left over.  Could get away with 32oz bottle if one person but the extra bottle adds a little security and takes up almost no room.

Bring at least two pots,  I always had two going, one for dinner, one for water for coffee, or to cook sauce.  I could have left plate and bowl at home, ate out of the pots because I didn't want to clean a million dishes. Make sure you bring biodegradable soap and dishcloth of dome sort for cleaning. 

Make sure you have a wooden spoon or something to stir, spoon will work but didn't want to scratch the pots. 

Collapsing bucket was good for washing dishes but eventually I just went to the lock washroom to clean everything in a sink.   Would still bring one though. 

Bring a can opener,  most can goods I picked had tab pull openers but some didn't, need to be able to open food when hungry, I had one on my knife and worked fine.  

I wished I brought a strainer to drain pasta, improvised using a ziplock with holes cut in it, still would have been good to have. 

Stored all food secured in kayak overnight, didn't want critters coming into tent, I heard dryer sheets like bounce will keep them at bay, can't confirm though, will bring next time anyway.

Didn't have to resort to hanging food bags, wasn't a concern, check with lockmaster on the critter situation.  Lovesick and swift rapids are the only ones that had bear reports and raccoons I saw at a few. 

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