Sunday, August 2, 2009

Post Review - General Stuff

Not specific enough to warrant it's own category so lumping these together. 

Sun Block, get it and use it, especially on overcast windy days where you don't notice how much sun you're getting. Paddled for two days feeling the effects of too much exposure to sun, not fun.

Lip balm, lips started to chap, have some available so you don't get cracked lips. 

Lighting, get a good headlamp, makes organizing in the tent at night so much easier, if you have to paddle at night you're going to need it anyway. Also had a handheld flashlight but rarely used it.   Bring solarcain just in case, helps if you need it.

First aid, thankfully only needed the bandaids, glad I had it with me though, only thing I added along the way was waterproof bandaids, helped with blisters that started to form,  prevented full on open blisters.   Whew.

Bugs, the only mosquito bite I got was dropping off the kayak at the end, bring good deet and pickup mosquito coils for the pesky ones that get into the tent.  Pick up a coil burner, like a little ashtray that you put the coil in the middle between two fireproof screens, worked wonders and you don't want to be burning tent down.   I didn't have an issue with mosquitoes, deer flies or blackflies, were almost non existent.   They were only out around dusk or early morning. 

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