Sunday, August 2, 2009

Post Review - Trip Plan

Couldn't have planned it any better.  

Highly recommend doing the trent backwards, exactly for the reasons I mentioned in my original post. 

The current can be very strong, buoys were almost horizontal in some spots, this was especially the case in the home stretch where there are lots of power generator damns and they had the gates open.  I wouldn't have wanted to battle the current for that long.   Doing it backwards means over 2/3rds of the waterway you will be going with the current.

I may have fluked out, wind was my friend for almost the entire trip, this was extremely helpful on some of the bigger lakes like simcoe, balsalm and especially rice lake. I got a sense from locals and the lockmaster that the prevailing winds are typically in that direction, take advantage of it.   If that's not the case, don't blame me! 

The only negative would be that if you start from trenton side, the scenery starts out pretty crap and just gets better as you reach the kawarthas and just keeps getting better, going from port severn means that it starts gorgeous and gets pretty dull at the end.   In my opinion of course.

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